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We help payment service providers and online advertisers create tailor-made subscription payment programs to boost your bottom line using Al and predictive modeling. We deploy new revenue streams for your business while ensuring compliance and brand reputation. We’re more than a platform, we’re part of your team.

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We create tailor-made subscription services that integrate seamlessly and run transparently alongside your existing business. Making you more money, with less headaches.

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Transparent Subscription Billing

Add a tailor-made subscription service (created and managed for you) that integrates seamlessly and runs transparently alongside your existing business. Boost your Average Order Value (AOV) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) without additional heavy lifting. We handle the administration, remit the payments, and you focus on growth.

BPO Services

From payment processing and reconciliations, to risk-management, to phone and billing support, if it’s back-office related and trackable – we do it, at scale. We provide a wide variety of back-office support services – so our clients can focus on growth. We act as a transparent and zero-impact virtual extension of your operations, we use your dataset and provide immediate returns with no risk. – so you know it’s a win-win for the long term.

Compliance and Brand Reputation

Compliance is an inevitable part of any modern online business, but not an easy matter, yet critical for long-term success of your business. Reputation is intrinsically linked to customer experience, refunds, chargebacks, and your bottom line. We offer custom solutions and help you navigate the compliance and regulatory landscape so you can focus on growing your business and meet your ambitions.

Professional Services and Consulting

We are more than a platform, we are an extension of your team. With decades of experience in online payments, we understand the need for creative problem-solving. We focus on long-term success of our clients and, with our hands-on support team, you have a strategic partner every step of the way.

How Does
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Client Success Pillars

White Glove Onboarding

We provide robust onboarding to ensure our service is optimized to your custom needs - to ensure optimal performance and speed of implementation.

Dedicated Client Managers

Your trusted, long-term success manager is committed to assess your needs and deliver solutions that evolve along with your business growth. From features and solutions, to reconciliations and payments, we are here every step of the way.

1:1 Ongoing Training

Receive one-on-one training and assessment to ensure peak performance of your business. With any business (especially high-growth) things can happen, and we're here for you. Just a quick email or phone call away.

Quarterly Reports

It's still YOUR business, plans change and new opportunities pop up all the time. Each quarter, we evaluate your business to ensure it’s running smoothly and deliver a comprehensive report, and offer support for continual improvements to give you a competitive edge.

World Class
E-Commerce Security

Nothing matters more than your customers' trust.

That’s why we’ve invested in the highest level of data and legal security, so you can sleep soundly knowing your customers’ most sensitive information is secure 24/7.

PlatformPay.io: World Class E-Commerce Security

Risk Mitigation

We offer the best, industry-leading practices for legal compliance, merchant processing, customer service, and technical integrations.

Technical Compliance

PCI/DSS Compliant (PlatformPay.io stores data securely via tokenization).

Legal Compliance

TCPA Compliant (All 50 U.S. States, and U.S. Territories) and FTC Compliant (Disclosures are clear and conspicuous).

Best Practices Compliance

All calls are recorded. All call recordings are reviewed and scored daily by a separate team. Calls with concerns are escalated for management review and action.

Merchant Processing/Brand Risk

Risk is held by PlatformPay.io (i.e., all transaction processing is carried by PlatformPay.io).

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