Fraud Protection

Our top priority is protecting merchant accounts from fraud.

Protect Your Merchant Account From Fraud With’s Several Fraud Prevention Measures

A merchant processing credit cards online must protect their customers from credit card theft, scams and fraud, as well as themselves from fraudulent transactions and unfair chargebacks.

Our top priority at is merchant account fraud protection. Our merchant account managers and underwriters promise to protect our merchants and affiliate partners from fraudsters and credit card scams by using the payment gateways of our acquiring banking partners.

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Fraud Prevention Measures

Through's fraud protection measures, merchants and partners can rest assured that their customers' transactions will be processed safely.
SSL Certificates

An Secure Socket Layer {SSL} Certificate is used to authenticate a website's identity and create an encrypted connection.Its purpose is to keep customer information private and secure, and preventing cybercriminals from reading or modifying information transferred between two systems. Learn how helps merchants obtain SSL certificates.

PCI Compliance

For ISOs and payment service providers who handle credit card transactions, PCI compliance is a set of security standards set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). Learn how can help you become PCI compliant and how our merchant account fraud protection goes beyond PCI compliance.

Prevent Chargebacks

Chargebacks are a growing threat for online merchants. They result from credit card theft, which cost merchants real money and damage their reputations. offers expert advice on preventing chargebacks through blogs and articles.

3D Secure Processing

3D secure payment processing was created by Visa to confirm credit card transactions by connecting merchants and acquiring banks with credit card issuers, enabling them to verify each other's authenticity.

MaxMind Fraud Protection

MaxMind, a database that identifies and alerts merchants of suspicious activity, provides features such as GeoIP and the minFraud Network to protect your merchant account.