Why PlatformPay.io?
Transforming Payment Processing for Recurring Revenue Growth

The payment processing and service industry is a fragmented marketplace with multiple providers and vendors, each mostly offering only part of the solution.

Why Choose PlatformPay.io? Secure, Cost-Effective Payment Processing

Platformpay.io provides a secure & compliant Single Point of Interface to merchants which helps them, in turn, provide a great experience to their customers.

Easy, Secure, and Customer-Friendly Experience
Lower Costs, Higher Efficiency: Simplified
Results in Higher Recurring Income

What Do We Offer?

Secure and cost-effective payment processing through a state-of-the-art gateway
Guaranteed lead conversion with predictable cost & revenue flows
Conversion and subscription optimization
Data screening and reporting
Revenue generating services
Fraud screening & protection, compliance services
Faster and effective settlement services including currency hedging
Business process outsourcing including customer services and call centers

How Do We Do This?

  • A team of seasoned payment, marketing and BPO experts.
  • A state-of-the-art payment gateway.
  • Operational excellence through the implementation and management of Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Open and transparent insights and reporting.
  • Maintaining of close client relations resulting in long-lasting recurring relationships.
How Do We Do This - PlatformPay.io