Persistent Merchant Transaction Monitoring

With, you can protect your portfolio and increase revenue. Our monitoring solutions offer the range and insight you need as a business owner to confidently make risk decisions and save money.

Protect Your Portfolio &
Increase Revenue With

We stay vigilant over your merchant portfolio to promptly detect any abrupt or unexpected content infringements, and pinpoint unusual activities ranging from low to high risk merchants. We also supervise particular content or merchant business sectors that are significant to you, to facilitate card network compliance. Aiding in the reduction of chargebacks and customer disputes, and ensuring that your merchants adhere to your terms of service, we, in cooperation with G2, can assist your portfolios in achieving maximum profitability.

Card Network Monitoring

You can rely on to provide Mastercard's required monthly merchant compliance reporting on your behalf.

Identify Sudden Website Content Changes

Identify sudden or unusual merchant activity from low to high risk merchants to mitigate chargebacks and customer disputes.

Support High-Risk Merchant Types

Perform proper due diligence on a variety of merchant categories and continually monitor their content to mitigate assessments and increase revenue.

Monitor Terms of Services

Ensure that your terms of service agreements are being followed and that your tolerance for risk merchant categories is appropriate.

Dashboard Analytics

See a visual snapshot of your portfolio's performance. Manage both positive and negative merchant risk more effectively.

Filtering & Searching

Find the most at-risk and important audits quickly. Organize reports based on what you need. You can search for merchants by merchant identification number (MID), URL, or merchant name.